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Top 10 Free online plagiarism Tools for [Content Marketers] 2020

Plagiarism Tools for Content Marketers

In today's digital era there is a various content writer who is working for the articles and blogs of website and hence the requirement of plagiarism tools is required. 

There are several plagiarism detection tools available free on the internet. Every people present their thought but their thought does not need to be original and unique. And to find out this plagiarism tool is used. 

Hence, the numbers of plagiarism checker free tools are mentioned here:

1. Plagiarisma: 

This tool is used by almost every type of person having its requirements. And this app has its own positive and negative points. 

  • Free access is available
  • Supports more than 190 languages.
  • Various document types are supported at the time of import. A point can be compared with the URL you mentioned. 
  • It is easy to use no difficulties there if the person uses it for the very first time. 
  • It is used for various types of documents (HTML, PDF, etc) 
  • Testing is available: Plagiarisma checker is designed in such a way that people can judge it very nicely and then can purchase it.
  • As the plagiarism tool is the multi-purpose program the processing of it is quite long in comparison to other tools.
Subscription details:
  • There is a free version of plagiarism but premium membership is also available. $5 for 1 day in which you can do 100 searches. $25 for 3 months of unlimited searches. $30 for 6 months of unlimited searches.

2. Dupli checker tools: 

Dupli checker tool is one of the famous tool used for plagiarism detection of any content.

  • Dupli checker is the plagiarism checker app having multiple tools for different types of users. 
  • Easy to use: Anyone using the for the very first time doesn't have to face difficulty 
  • Importing the file function: there are two ways to import the files
  • Copy and paste 
  • Uploading the documents from the folders. 
  • It has the facility of especially recognizing any URL and comparing the content with it. 
  • Using the tool is very easy and simple. 
  • The word limit is of just 1000 words. 
  • It has very limited languages, they are Indonesia, Italiano, Portugues, Espanol, Deutsche, Picchu. 

Subscription details:
  • This detection tool is free of cost.

3. Plagium:

Plagium is one of the plagiarism detection tools having different pricing systems. 

  • There is 4 language supported by plagium. 
  • There are various levels available for checking. 
  • There are various levels of searches such as quick search, deep search available with plagium. You can purchase or use it according to your needs. 
  • It is very simple to use and it has great reviews. 
  • Pricing for the tool is too high.
  • Just 5000 characters checking is free of cost and for more than 5000 words you have to pay.
Subscription details: 
Plagium has different levels and hence the pricing is also distributed accordingly. In $9,99 per month 287 quick searches and 143 deep searches. In $24,99 per month 699 quick searches and 349 deep searches. In $9,99 per month 2949 quick searches and 1474 deep searches.

4. Copyleaks: 

Copy leaks is the legal tool used by students business houses Universities and almost people of every field. 

  • It has AI and machine learning technology that helps in detecting plagiarism.
  • It has multi-layered and extensive search capability and hence it compares the documents with billions and trillions of online sources. 
  • It supports multi-language more than 100. 
  • It has cloud computing and storage that helps you to store the data safely in the cloud. 
  • Copyleaks supports more than 100 languages. 
  • It is one of the authenticated over the internet. 
  • Using this tool is a bit difficult one has to understand the site or tool before using it.
Subscription details: 
Per month 2500 words can be checked free of cost and further the charges are required. There are different packages of subscription for business and educations. For business, the plan costs $9,99 per month in which the per day limit of checking is 25,000 words. For education, the plan costs $10,99 per month for 25000 words per day.

5. PlagScan: 

PlagScan is the plagiarism detection tool used on a large scale having a trust of 1500+ organizations. 

  • Protecting the data is the main priority of PlagScan. 
  • The report is provided by PlagScan.
  • Multi-users: students, schools, businesses, everyone can use this and have their plan. 
  • Time-efficient: to detect the plagiarism in PlagScan very short time is required.
  • One of the best options available in PlagScan is that a single user can register separately and the organization can register separately. 
  • 20 free plug points are provided when a user signs it. 
  • A limited trial is available free of cost then you have to pay for using the tool. 
Subscription details: 
There are different subscription for private users and organizations. For private users, it begins at $5,99 per month. And for organization $19,99 per month. Both are having various benefits.

6. PaperRater: 

A PaperRater detection tool has multiple features such as Grammer check, writing suggestions, plagiarism checker, etc. 

  • It provides feedback and writing instructions that consist of various modules such as phrases to avoid, passive voice detection, Analysis of sentence beginning, readability statics, Vocabulary uses sentence length and variability. 
  • Premium services are available 
  • It is used in 140+ countries. 
  • It provides scoring to your content and on that basis, your context also gets the importance. 
  • There is no charge for using this app. 
  • The app is quite hasty to use. 
Subscription details: 
Using this app is free of charge with certain limitations such as just 5 pages can be submitted. Premium membership can be purchased by you. It cost $7,95 per month and $95,40 annually. There are various advantages of premium membership.

7. PlagTracker:

PlagTracker is one of the fastest plagiarism detection tool used by multiple groups. 

  • It is the online tool and no download is required. 
  • It has unique checking algorithm
  • It is free of cost but premium membership is available. 
  • A plagiarism report is also available 
  • It has a huge database
  • Generally used in the education field
  • Using this app is easy for anyone. 
  • This tool is free of cost.
  • Rating for the PlagTracker tool is 5 stars. 
  • It supports just 6 languages, they are English, German, French, Romanian, Spanish, Italian. 
Subscription details: 
Premium membership can be purchased by you. It's optional and cost $7,49 per month. The benefit of premium membership is the processing speed and a large file can be easily imported.

8. Quetext: 

Quetext is one of the simple basic plagiarism tools. Plagiarism detection tool which is free of cost. 

  • Quetext has light speed recognition, which means the accuracy of comparing the documents and finding the plagiarism is very high. 
  • It is our motif to maintain privacy. 
  • Just copy and paste option is available for importing the file. 
  • It has deep search technology due to which it is possible to get the word placement, contextual analysis, know whether your writing is in easy language or not. 
  • The use of the tool is very easy just open the tool, copy the text and check plagiarism. 
  • For bringing the data to the site or the tool no other option is Available other than copying the text. 
Subscription details: 
Quetext is one of the free tools. No subscription is available for it.

9. Viper: 

Viper plagiarism checker is one of the famous tools. 1000 people use it every month.

  • It has a fast scanning speed with 10 billion+ sources. 
  • It is easy to use 
  • The plagiarism report is available
  • Supports 56 languages
  • You can enter the source through which you want to compare. 
  • The speed of the tool is very high in 3 steps the process is done and it requires just 30 seconds for checking. 
  • Various options for importing the data to the tool is available. 
  • Comparing to other tools supports 56 languages. Whereas other tools such as copy leaks support 100+ languages. 
Subscription details: 
Viper is one of the free tools. No subscription is available for it.

10. Plagiarism checker: 

plagiarism checker is one of the plagiarism detection tools which is free of cost. 

  • One of the best features of a plagiarism checker is an automatic rewriting of plagiarism content. 
  • It supports multiple languages. 
  • The report can be downloaded and share 
  • The content is compared with billions of web pages.
  • The report generated for the content can be downloaded and shared too. The URL integration option is also available. You can mention the URL through which you can compare your data. 
  • The plagiarized content is highlighted and hence we can change it easily. 
  • Just Google and Yahoo browser can be used to open this tool. 
Subscription details: 
This tool is free of cost. No charges are required.

Conclusion: This is all about the best palagrism tools with its features, advantages, disadvantages and subscription plan. Palagrism tools is in high demand of digital generation. It is necessary for them to know which is best for them, which is compatible to there need.