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How I Made a Successful Career in digital marketing freelancer 2020

My first job was as a Multimedia designer. Having to spend hours in designing and development of an umpteen number of video copies convinced me I was on the wrong career path! Maybe I'm not quite THAT old to choose a perfect career path. Though it wasn't very satisfying, I didn't mind continuing in the work, so felt like moving to a field that can help organization'sget ahead of their competitors.

I often felt like a choosing a domain that can help organizations to drive more visitors and potential customers to the brand name. I wanted to make my own contributions, to find creative ways to make a difference. It took me about five year to come to that conclusion, decide to do something about it, and change my life, and so have chosen digital marketing as my career option.

If you are not happy in your present job, it’s better to quit the job than to continue with the same one. So try to concentrate on bringing a change in yourself first.

Here's what you should do: know why you are not happy with the work you do. Find whether you are unhappy with your work you do or upset with the package, boss or the environment. There is lot of difference between unhappy with your work environment and job. So identify why you hate your job and decide the course to take.

Determine why you're not happy.  Are you really unhappy with the work you do, or just upset with your salary, boss, coworkers, or the office environment? There's a difference between hating your job and hating your work, and realizing that will help you decide what course to take.

  • Find your passion
  • Evaluate your strengths
  • Do a proper research
  • Consider the alternatives
  • Create a plan
  • Get help from the professional
  • Get succeeded in the path you have chosen

Achieving your targets becomes much easier when you have someone to cheer you on and support you out. I am amongst them to help you out in reaching your goals. 


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